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Providing social services
Providing social services

This module aims to  empower the professionals’ knowledge and competencies regarding to already exist social services for supporting the people in need.


Social Services Provides to People in Need
Social Services Provides to People in Need

Professional carers need to be supported in their central role of having an advanced and detailed knowledge on existing social support for beneficiaries, having knowledge about what way the needed support could be obtained, on procedures of getting social support and on advantages of getting it. The aim of the activity is to identify social support available for caregivers at local, regional and national level, develop and provide to caregiver's a list of necessary documents/forms for getting support, prepare the list of possible ways of contacting the social services depending on the need of the carer.


Title of activity: Social support and services? Take a look here!

Research shows that quite often people in need are not aware of available supports for them, neither their carers. In other words, it is observed that there is a big lack of knowledge that such support has already existed and is available.

During this module professionals are going to list possible and adequate  social supporting options for people in need.

Professionals are going to prepare short checklist what kind of documents/forms, etc are needed to get support and how the beneficiaries can learn/find out about them and in what way.


Step 1.

Divide the participants  in  teams (the number of teams  depends on the number of participating countries). Every team will be responsible for searching the types of social services that exist in their countries. Each team will represent one country.

Step 2.  Each participant has access to a computer and the Internet and table template. Besides of that we invite the expert for the meeting to talk, to explain if and how the support could be offered depending on the situation.

Ask from the teams to find as many available information as possible regarding the type of support their team expects.

Every team has to fill in the Table template.

Step 3.

Each of the team presents their findings in front of the other members. The other teams can evaluate, comment, ask for further information,  and (if they have a knowledge) indicate other possibility of support. After the discussion, ask participants to complete the table on  additional information they got.

Duration of activity: 1,5 hour

Materials: access to the computer with internet, table template



The purpose of this module is to support the trainers to share knowledge about the social support services with beneficiaries, to evaluate the information gathered , and as well to gain an advanced knowledge on procedures of getting social support.


Learning Outcomes

  • This will help professionals to enhance and empower their competencies regarding the supporting and the assisting services provided to people in need.

Knowledge acquired

  • This will help professionals to have knowledge in ways that the needed support could be obtained, on procedures of getting social support and on advantages of getting it

Skills acquired

  • This will help professionals to identify and eliminate problems or gaps in care by proposing the best options of social support, develop and apply basic techniques of using social support

Competences acquired

  • Professionals will be able to demonstrate competencies through using support, update knowledge about support and learn how to collaborate with others in receiving support